Our Experience at the Worlds Largest Bounce House

Our Experience at the Worlds Largest Bounce House

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We took a day trip last weekend to visit Big Bounce America – The World’s Largest Bounce House.  I had seen this springy marvel on one of those Facebook videos and just thought that my little ones would LOVE it!  I was right (the adults had a lot of fun, too!)

This attraction travels around the country, visiting a different location every weekend.  We visited while it was close to home in St Cloud, Minnesota.

The attraction consists of the large main bounce house and a number of smaller bouncy structures.  Your ticket includes entry into the main bounce house for a one hour window.  The times are separated by age group so little ones are not bouncing with big kids and vice versa.  There are even separate adult sessions!

I suggest purchasing the separate ticket for the bounce village.  The bounce village consists of a large slide, 4-5 obstacle course type bouncers, a giant ball pit and an open bouncer.  Your ticket for this can be used at any time during the day.  We started out day in the bounce village before our scheduled session in the main bounce house.

The main bounce house is quite impressive.  The size is hard to gauge, but I would describe it as equivalent to 4 high school gymnasiums put together.  It is anchored by a DJ booth at the center that plays upbeat, party music during your session.

Inside the main bounce house there was an obstacle course, 2 slides (one larger, one smaller), and lots of room to bounce and play.  There were large beach balls scattered about.  Bubbles emanated periodically from a bubble machine at the center and the kids made a fun game of bouncing and catching them.

Throughout the one hour experience, there were games and contests that were facilitated.  The whole thing was a lot of fun.  An hour was plenty of time.  By the time we were done with our hour, we were exhausted and just about ready to go.

The day that we visited, it was sunny and it was quite hot during our scheduled one hour time in the main bounce house.  There were people walking around spraying water to cool things and people down, but it did get quite uncomfortable.  If possible, book a session early in the day or late in the afternoon into evening once the sun is less intense.

This is a great activity for all ages and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit.  It is definitely worth your time, even if it is a little out of your way.



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