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Should you visit the Long Neck Karen tribe in Thailand or not?


I felt trepidation about our upcoming tour to visit with the Karen Hill Tribe in a Chiang Mai Long Neck village.  We had seen the iconic photos of the Karen Long Neck Tribe women in National Geographic and other publications over the years.  After some debate we decided that wanted to see them for himself and learn of the realities that […]

Transportation Options In Thailand

Thailand Local Bus

Taxi: This was generally our preferred method of getting around in Thailand, when it was available. They were more comfortable to ride in than either of the options listed below, and generally didn’t cost too much more. Taxis were abundant in Bangkok. Just outside of the airport there are designated public taxi stands where the […]

Our Day in Chiang Mai Thailand

Chiang Mai flower market

We dropped our laundry off yesterday to the place across the street from our hotel in Chiang Mai Thailand that our hosts recommended. It looked like a pretty seedy operation. She took our bag of laundry and threw it into a pile with many other bags of laundry. We were quite dubious as to whether we would […]

Off the Beaten Path in Thailand: Our Thai Food Culinary Adventure

A quaint roadside restaurant that we stopped at in Chiang Dao Thailand for lunch that was right on the river.

Since we arrived in Chiang Dao, we have been staying at Chiang Dao Nest I then II, both of which have lovely restuarants, so we really have not had to venture too far off the beaten path Thailand as far as food is concerned. We are always striving for authentic culinary experiences while traveling. This consideration, coupled […]