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Looking Down the Road: What to do in Arkansas for One Day around Bentonville

Thorncrown Chapel Arkansas

Looking for ideas about what to do in Arkansas for one day in the Bentonville area?  Maybe not.  I know that I wasn’t particularly looking for this information.  No offense intended towards anyone that resides in Arkansas, but I had no idea that there were actually some pretty cool things to see there! Start your […]

Looking Down the Road: We’re Going to Norway!

Fjord in Norway

Norway, here we come! Photo by Percita Norway, a land of beautiful fjords and epic scenery.  A land filled with lots of snow and  pure, clean water. A land that I considered too expensive until we got an incredible deal on a seven day cruise to Norway in August.  Norway, here we come! Sleeping and […]

Looking Down the Road: The Garden of Cosmic Speculation, Scotland

Undulating landmasses in the unusual Garden of Cosmic Speculation in Dumfries, Scotland.

Can a garden help you understand the principles of good and evil, heaven and hell and other similarly deep subjects such as the very meaning and nature of the universe? It can if it is the remarkable Garden of Cosmic Speculation.  The garden has been Built by Charles Jencks in honor of his late wife Maggie.  Jencks […]

Looking Down the Road: St Patricks Day In Ireland

Irish Countryside

Beautiful, rugged scenery…check.  Fish and chips….check.  Great whiskey….check.  Leprachauns….check.  Can you guess where we are heading next?  St Patricks Day in Ireland here we come! It looks like we might be unexpectedly spending St Patricks Day in Ireland in a couple of weeks (the fact that I can suddenly find myself in the midst of […]

Looking Down the Road: Visiting NASA ‘s Space Shuttle Discovery at Her Retirement Home

Space Shuttle Discovery Launch

The Space Shuttle Discovery is coming to Dulles Airport on April 17th and I can’t wait to go see her! Discovery took off from Earth to fly her last mission (STS-133) on February 24th, 2011.  We were so blessed to be able to travel to Titusville, FL to watch the final launch. Now, I am […]