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Boldly Go: How seeing the world has removed much of my fear of travel

These women in Morocco work in a coop where they grind the seeds from the Argan tree into oil that is sold and used for the skin and hair. They let me sit with them and give it a try.

She admonished me first not to go (though she knew that wouldn’t be an argument that she would win.)  She then told us that she thought that we shouldn’t ride on the metro in Madrid, because terrorists often target subways for bombings. My mother has never been to Europe, so she obviously had no idea […]

Trip Planning for a Short Trip: How to get the most our of your time

Segovia Aqueduct

We almost NEVER have as much time when visiting a place as we would like.  Sometimes, we only have a long weekend and are tempted to pack in as much as possible. Periodically, we have an extended layover in a city and only want to try to get out of the airport for a few hours. Whether […]