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Driving in France: How I Overcame My Fear of Driving in a Foreign Land

Driving in France

I got the same reaction from a number of stunned co-workers.  “What?!?!  You are renting a car and driving in France?  Are you crazy!”  Apparently, the European reputation for being crazy, fast aggressive drivers had reached the awareness of my colleagues. Their reactions were not particularly helpful to me.  I was already a little nervous about driving […]

Fabulous Friday Foto: Picturesque Medieval Village in the South of France

Cote du Rhone Villages

Little, picturesque, medieval villages dot the countryside in the South of France like jewels in a crown.  This photo was taken in Entrechaux, France, after an exhilarating bicycle adventure. Because these villages in the Cote du Rhone region of France are not well connected by public transit (you really need to have a car), they are relatively light on […]

Reverse Culture Shock: 8 Things That Are Irritating Me Since I Left France

Shanna and the baguette in front of Notre Dame

Most of the time, I hear people talking about going into “culture shock” when they arrive in a foreign country.  For me, when I left France, the culture shock that I experienced was the shock of returning to the United States.  There are so many things here now that never really irritated me before, but […]

Fabulous Friday Foto: The South of France – Endless Miles of Sun Kissed Coastline

Mediterranean, South of France

Ah, the beautiful coast line of the south of France on the Mediterranean ocean!  Perpetually blue water that looks to good to be true, kissing endless miles of beautiful beaches and dramatic coastline.  This looks even more inviting now than it did when I was visiting France in July (the cold weather is just setting in here […]