Visiting a Thailand Market; A Photo Essay

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A visit to the local market is always a highlight of any trip for me. When we walked into the Thailand market , my senses were assaulted with a number of unusual sights and smells.

The pungent smell of fresh chili peppers and unusual herbs and spices tickled my nose.  Fresh fish and seafood of all varieties added its unique aroma to the air.  We saw tables and tables of bottles of sauces that I was not familiar with but that are standards in Thai cooking.  When combined with fresh local spices and herbs, these are what give Thai food its unuque bouquet of unique flavors.

We heard the lyrical voices of the workers at the market, calling back and forth to each other in Thai, sounding happy in their days work.  Our visit to a Thailand market gave us a window in which to view the daily life of a person living in Thailand, and a unique insight into a type of cuisine that I now love to eat.

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