Are you tired of being told that your travel days are over now that you have kids?  Us too!

Do you get excited about sharing the world with your kids?  About seeing the awe and wonder in their eyes when they first set eyes on a foreign wonder or experience something incredible?  About creating meaningful travel experiences that help you learn about the world together and bring you closer as a family?  YOU belong in our tribe.

We are Shanna and Aaron + kiddos.  We are passionate about sharing the world with our kids through travel.  Sharing the gift of travel with our kids has enhanced their development SO MANY ways.

Traveling with our kids has brought us to some of the biggest joys and most awe inspiring moments our life. We want to inspire you as well as give you the tools and resources to find your own moments of magic with your family.

Come along on our journey to share the world with our kids!  Follow along, be inspired and learn from our triumphs and mistakes and start along a path that will lead you to you own.


Why Travel With Kids?

We definitely understand your fears and hesitations about traveling with little ones.  Travel with kids is not always easy.  There will be moments of uncertainty.  There will be bloody noses and vomit and bad days and moments where you feel like everyone is staring at your little one lying on the floor in full on tantrum mode wondering what is wrong.


Why, then would you want to bring our kids along when it could get so messy and complicated?

Travel is something that can profoundly change your child’s life. 

The benefits of traveling with children are so incredibly profound.  Travel opens your children’s minds to new perspectives and possibilities.  As problems come up and plans change, it teaches kids to work through them and be flexible.  It can help your kids learn to look at the world through someone else’s eyes.  We believe wholeheartedly that travel can literally change the world


Travel NOW!

You don’t need to wait until the kids are grown and you are old and retired to start checking things off of your bucket list.  We have chosen to live our dreams of travel NOW and we are bringing our kids along for the ride!  Let us show you how you can, too!

I know that I am at risk of sounding cliche…but I have picked up a few important lessons over the years.  One of them is that you never know what tomorrow holds for you, or the day after that.

“Yesterday is history.  Tomorrow is a mystery.  Today is a gift.  That’s why it’s called the present.”

Alice Morse Earl (also used in Kung Fu Panda:-) 


By pushing your travel dreams off into the distant future, you are selling yourself and your kids short.  What happens when you get to the end of that string of excuses and your dreams of travel still haven’t magically materialized.  No one will drop your dream vacation right into your lap.  Too often, “we don’t have money” and “we don’t have time” continue in perpetuity because they become a mindset.

Open you mind to the possibilities of the moment.  Get into the habit of taking opportunities, no matter how small, to get out of your comfort zone and to explore the world.  Small adventures set your mind up for bigger adventures.



Once you have broken through your limiting mindset,  exploration and travel can become a priority in your life.  Your subconscious mind will look for ways to manifest that priority.  Only then will opportunities will appear to make travel happen.

Maybe you will hear from a friend of a friend that they know someone that you can stay with in a city that you have always wanted to visit.  Maybe an e-mail will tick across your desk with a SUPER deal on airfare.  Those opportunities were probably always there.  You just needed a different mindset to see them.

There is a big difference between someone who makes travel happen and someone who waits for travel to happen.  The first kind of person takes advantage of those opportunities to push themselves out of their comfort zone to see and do something new.  The second kind of person sits at home wondering why everyone else is going on so many cool trips with their kids while they are sitting at home eating macaroni and cheese.

Which kind of person are you going to be?

How Can We Help You?

There is no doubt about it.  Traveling with kids is definitely different than traveling before kids.  It is better in many ways, but distinctly different.

There are so many more things to consider and plan for with little ones in tow.  There are a lot of tiny details that one might not think about ahead of time.  Anticipating these little things can make a world of difference in the levels of ease and enjoyment during your travels.



I am all about those details.  I am a planner at heart, and now that we travel with kiddos, that skill has become even more important.  “The devil is in the details,”  You will never be able to plan for everything.  Issues will always come up, but having a solid plan in place when traveling with kids gives you options and resources should problems arise.

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Do you often find yourself frustrated with the lack of good travel information out there?  There are a TON of travel blogs out there on the internet, but they all offer the same generic travel information (and many of them don’t take into account the specific needs of family travelers).    How many times can you really read about “Top 10 Things to do in X Location” or “Best Destinations for INSERT YEAR HERE“?

I work hard to share our travel experiences with you in a way that helps you cut out the fluff and get right to the details and information that  you really need to know.   I will tell you the real story; the good, the bad, the ugly so you can plan family trips awash in soul filling experiences and  memories that your family will treasure.


More About Us

Aaron and I grew up traveling the United States with our families.  These early travel experiences shaped who we are in a deep and profound way.

Those early trips gave both of us an intense and insatiable need to explore.  Even though we had both seen a lot of the US during our formative years, there were still a lot of places on our list.  I knew that I didn’t want us to wait until retirement to start checking those places off, so I opened my mind to finding a way to travel more NOW.

This is where my career journey as an airline employee started, and this was the beginning of our many crazy standby travel adventures.  Working for an airline has opened up opportunities to travel to a lot of places that otherwise might have waited until retirement.


We were able to cross a whole bunch of places off of our list before having kids in our 30’s.  We traveled like crazed maniacs, having wild adventures including spending a long weekend in Prague and going from 19 magical days cruising the Norway and the Baltic Sea to 5 days on the other side of the world in Korea a couple weeks later.

We were both blessed to have had childhood travel experiences that expanded our perspectives and fed our imaginations about the world around us.  Now we are super excited to share our travels with our kids and give them their own special travel memories.



Some other interesting things about us…we built our own house with our own two hands.  We enjoy growing and eating real food (ok, I lied….the kids are more excited about chicken nuggets).   We are ALWAYS daydreaming about our next escape.

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