Business Class vs First Class: A First Class Experience

Business Class vs First Class: A First Class Experience

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Before getting the chance to fly in Business Class on a trans oceanic flight, I used to think, “First class…no big deal.  Just a bunch of stuck up rich people paying a heap more money just so they just get free drinks and a nicer food.” Now that I have seen the difference between business class vs first class seats, my opinion has changed and I know just how wrong I was!

If you ever become independently wealthy or get a really good deal on a first class upgrade on a long flight, it really is a treat!

The first time that we were able to travel in first class was our first big international adventure to Rome.  When we boarded the airplane for Rome, going into the first class cabin was like being transported to another world.

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What is Business Class Really Like?

No longer would we be squished into the back without enough legroom, with all of the other cattle. Waiting for us on our seats were real pillows and quilted blankets  and a little pack of goodies including eye mask, ear plugs, slippers, breath mint, tissues, tooth brush and toothpaste.  Shortly after sitting down, a flight attendant came by offering champagne and orange juice.

Aaron stretched his long legs all the way out in front of him and couldn’t even touch the seat in front of him. It was simply amazing.

The seats that we were sitting in were extremely high tech-massage, a tv screen that flipped out of the middle console (which we watched free movies on later), and the best part was that they reclined and had a leg rest that popped up so that we could actually stretch out to sleep!

First Class Seats

Other highlights of first class-a hot steamed towel to freshen up face and hands before dinner and breakfast, as much wine and other beverages as we wanted, a dinner that rivaled the dinners that we had eaten in decent restaurants and an excellent, hot breakfast.

First Class Breakfast

First Class Dinner

First Class Dessert

I never understood first class before, but now I see why people pay more money for it. Instead of getting off of the airplane feeling disheveled and like we need a while day of sleep just to recover, we felt fresh and ready to hit the ground running!




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  1. I think it would be nice to fly first class at least once in my life. Although it might be hard to go back to cattle class afterward!

    1. Yeah, cattle class is pretty hard to take once you have flown up front. I always think that it is kind of cruel when they board the coach cabin and make them all walk right through the first class cabin to see everyone drinking their champagne!

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