Diary of a New Blogger: I’ve Been Away…

Diary of a New Blogger: I’ve Been Away…

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I’ve been gone this last week, both in body and in spirit.  New posts have dried up.  My blog seems to be going through it’s first fallow period.

I was off last week seeking some warm weather and sunshine on the coast of Florida, and I was being kind of selfish.

A seagull on the beach in Florida

The truth of the matter is that once you don the title of “travel blogger”, travel is really never the same again.  In addition to soaking up the scenery and enjoying your destination, note taking, frantic picture taking and thinking about possible avenues for stories get added to the mix.  Dinner is not just dinner, it is an opportunity to capture the essence of the flavors of a place (often, this means trying to get just the perfect food porn picture before the food gets mussed up and taking notes while I am eating.)  A visit to the beach isn’t just for relaxation, you start thinking about how to share the magic of your time at the beach with your readers.

While I love blogging, and I love to look back on the stories that I have written from the places that we have traveled to, the truth is that it does take away somewhat from my pure, unadulterated enjoyment of just experiencing a new place.

This was my selfishness; I needed our trip to be just for us.  I desperately needed to relax.  I needed to be unplugged.  I just needed time to unwind and soak up sunshine.  No thinking.  No note taking.  Minimal picture taking (though I think I still might have gotten a few to share.)  No consideration for how I was going to share the trip on the blog.  Nothing but complete and utter selfishness.

You know what?  The honest truth is that it felt pretty darned good.

I am back.  my vitamin D levels have increased.  I plan to get some posts up next week.  Thanks for your patience.


Shanna Schultz

We are Shanna and Aaron + kiddos. We are a travel addicted family of four who love to escape at every possible opportunity. When we travel, we love to focus on creating meaningful travel experiences that help us all learn about the world together and bring us closer as a family. Shanna also writes about travel in the Midwestern part of the United States at her blog A Midwest Travel Companion

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  1. Good to hear that you enjoyed your vacation!
    Very true, we all need a break sometimes. And sometimes, having those moments of purely enjoying a trip makes for the best stories 😉

  2. Everyone deserves some time off every now and then to soak up the sun! Welcome back!!

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