Postcards from Provence: Waking up to French Pastries
Pastries in a bakery in France

Postcards from Provence: Waking up to French Pastries

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Our day started out as so many days in France seem to; eating French pastries at the boulangerie for breakfast before embarking on our adventure.

Baguettes french pastries in a boulangerie in France
Baguettes in a bakery in France

What is it that makes the bread and pastries in France so much better than anywhere else that I have ever visited? Some magic possessed by French bakers that has been kept a carefully guarded secret, never to be shared with the rest of the world?

Oh, where to start on the subject of the wonders of French pastries? Pastries in France seem infinitely more flaky than their American counterparts. Layer upon layer of thin flakes that practically melt in your mouth, delicately giving way to a sweet surprise.

French Pastries at a boulangerie in France
Pastries in a bakery in France

The filling in the middle of these French pastries was expected yet also a surprise. Its sweet flavor danced delicately in my mouth with the flaky layers of pastry, each of them separate but waltzing beautifully together in my mouth. I love eating breakfast in France!

And oh, don’t get me started about the baguettes here. I never eat baguettes just for the sole sake of eating baguettes at home. The baguettes at home are bland and flavorless.

In France, baguettes are a delicious and necessary part of daily life, and completely different than their equivalent at home. I talked about the wonders of baguettes in a previous post, so I will not repeat myself.

Suffice it to say that France is a magical place for me, where simple, everyday things are turned into grand pleasures.

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  1. Frederic

    French pastry is indeed a well kept secret, I have tried sweet pastries in many places of the world too. Never have I felt the goodness and unique taste of French specialities. Regarding “Baguette”, no need for comparaison. It’s nowhere nead as good as in its home country.

  2. Bowral Town

    staring at this pastries makes me hungry.. lol great blog!!

    1. Shanna Schultz

      Yeah, me too! I don’t know if it is something about the magic of being in another place, but pastries always seem to taste better in Europe!

  3. Ellen

    What is so good about French Pastries is that it does not only taste good it is actually taste better if baked it with fresh ingredients and can be stored in long period of time say french bread for example. and some french recipes can be made with gluten and dairy free such as

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