Markets of the World: Columbia Road Flower Market in London

Markets of the World: Columbia Road Flower Market in London

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When I visited East London last November, one of the recommendations that popped up time after time were the London markets located in the East End. I went to several of them over the weekend (some are exclusively either on Saturdays or Sundays), and far and away, the prettiest market in London that I visited was the Columbia Road Flower Market.

market in London

Each and every Saturday, Columbia Road fills up with flower vendors. Walking down the street, you feel as if you’re in a chaotic garden crowded with overgrown plants and people. Vendors auction off their flowers and plants so there is a cacophony of noises and crazy sounds. It’s very tight walking down Columbia Road, but you can poke in and out to take in the sights and sounds. The side streets near the market also fill up with vendors, selling everything from random household wares to oysters.

market in London

market in London



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  1. Michael

    Any connection with this market and My Fair Lady?

    1. Shanna

      According to the internet, My Fair Lady was filmed at the New Convent Garden Flower Market, but close enough!

  2. Great photos! Very beautiful indeed. I imagine it must smell wonderful too walking through with all those flowers.

  3. Jennifer

    Beautiful photos. I love flower markets because they are so fragrant.

  4. Mahima

    Your blog is wonderful.I can at least see the world through your adventures.

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