Next up Norway…Denmark…Sweden…Russia…Our Amazing Cruise Upgrade
"Goodbye Amsterdam! See you in a week!"

Next up Norway…Denmark…Sweden…Russia…Our Amazing Cruise Upgrade

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Shanna at Cruise Terminal Amsterdam
Here I go on another whirlwhind adventure! Thanks for following along. I was anxiously awaiting boarding time for the Eurodam in the cruise terminal in Amsterdam.

The travel angels that watch over us work their magic in mysterious ways. One moment, we were preparing for our 7 day Holland America adventure to Norway. The next moment we were ecstatically repacking our bags for a mind blowing 19 day adventure all over northern Europe!

An opportunity was presented to us that was just too good to be true. Overbooked?   Cruise upgrade ? A 19 day cruise instead of a 7 day one? Thank you Universe! Yes!

As if the beautiful Fjords or Norway and its picturesque villages weren’t enough for my travel addicted soul, now we will be stopping in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia and Russia as well. I was honestly worried that this trip would pale in comparison to the soul satisfying, amazing trip to France that I just came off of, but as it turns out, that will not be the case at all.

Shanna on the balcony on the Eurodam saying goodbye to Amsterdam
“Goodbye Amsterdam! See you in a week!”

Our plans changed so rapidly yesterday afternoon that the obsessive, travel planning side of me that wants to know exactly what we are going to do in each port is feeling a little agitated. That side of me is pouting in a corner right now, because I had zero time to research any of our stops and there is absolutely nothing to be done about it at this point. It will all be a big, wonderful surprise, each port offering a plethora of wholly unanticipated sights and wonders for our senses.

This could be the best adventure yet. Thanks for joining me on it (because you know that I am taking you all with me, right? You are all shrinking and going right into that little open corner of my suitcase that I saved for you…let me just move some shoes…)

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