Fabulous Friday Foto: Glastonbury Abbey, England

Fabulous Friday Foto: Glastonbury Abbey, England

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The Ruins of Glastonbury Abbey, England

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Glastonbury Abbey is the site of a spectacular set of ruins of an ancient 12th century monastery.  Located in south west England, Glastonbury Abbey was an extremely worthy afternoon excursion.

Walking through the ruins of the ancient monastery makes you feel like you have stepped into another time, and they are filled with incredible photo opportunities.  Though the ruins are just a shell of their previous glory, you can easily imagine what life would have been when the Abbey was full and bustling with activity.

While you are in the area, round out your trip to Glastonbury with a visit to Glastonbury Tor for beautiful scenery and a touch of mystery and to the Chalice Well (one of Brittain’s many sacred wells and the alleged resting place of the Holy Grail!)



Shanna Schultz

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  1. Jeremy

    That’s a really cool photo. I like ruined churches a lot for some reason (I’m Jewish, but that’s not why!). There are some really cool ones in Antigua, Guatemala.

    1. Shanna

      I have yet to get to Guatemala, but if I do, I will hit you up for advice!

      I am not particularly religious, but old churches have such a profound sense of peace and calm around them…I really enjoy spending time in them.

  2. Claudia

    I went there in 1999, when I lived in Lancaster as an Erasmus student. So pretty!

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