Best Pubs for Irish Whiskey in Dublin
My recomended first stop if you are interested in Irish whiskey in Dubln.

Best Pubs for Irish Whiskey in Dublin

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Celtic Whiskey Shop Dublin
My recommended first stop if you are interested in Irish whiskey in Dublin.

If you are interested in Irish whiskey and you are in Dublin, your first stop should be to the Celtic Whiskey Shop at 27-28 Dawson Street.  This is a great place to learn a little bit about Irish whiskey, perhaps taste a sample or two and pick up some souvenirs from their wide selection of wee little bottles for your friends and family.  The staff here are very knowledgeable, and can answer any questions that you might have.  The gentleman at the Celtic Whiskey Shop gave me these recommendations to pass on to you for the pubs with the best selection of Irish whiskey in Dublin:

Palace Bar: A quote on the Palace Bar website, from Flann O’Brien (a regular at the Palace Bar) “I swore to my mother on her deathbed that I’d never touch a glass of whiskey.  That’s why I wear a velvet glove.”  The Palace Bar does indeed have a hug selection of Irish Whiskey for you to try.  They have their whiskey menu online with prices, and reading this is a great way to learn about the many varieties of Irish whiskey available, as well as learn a little about Irish whiskey production and some of the producers of whiskey in Ireland.

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The Vat House at the Blooms Hotel: The Vat House Bar in the Temple Bar area of Dublin is the second place that my informant told me about.  On their website, they list the types of whiskey that they have available.  They also have three separate tasting trays for your pleasure, wish a half shot of four different whiskeys in each, perfect for a good overview of whiskey in Ireland.

Dublin Temple Bar
The Temple Bar in Dublin is the epicenter of the Dublin St. Patricks Day party…we chose a quieter evening.

The Temple Bar: You may recognize the Temple Bar is a Dublin icon, but did you also know that it is a great stop on your Irish Whiskey tour of Dublin?  They also boast an impressive selection of Whiskey.  They advertise special whiskey events every Friday from 4-8pm featuring a different whiskey producer every week as live music and free appetizers.  If you are looking for variety, the Temple Bar offers one whiskey sample tray for you to try with three different kinds of whiskey. Check off seeing a Dublin landmark and getting your whiskey fix, all in one stop!

Mulligan’s Pub (Stoneybatter):  This pub was on  the list of recommendations from my friend at the whiskey store, and it appears to be out of the normal tourist hubbub, so you are getting a taste of a “real”Irish pub that the locals go to to have a pint after work.  Over 150 varieties of Irish whiskey on hand…not too shabby!

Against the Grain: This concludes our list.  This pub doesn’t have a website, but it does have an active Facebook page which features many great happy hour specials.  The food looks amazing, so stop by and check it out!

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