Looking Down and Road: Spirit of Speyside Whiskey Festival
The selection of whiskey available in a gas station in Scotland is bigger than many liquor stores here in the USA.

Looking Down and Road: Spirit of Speyside Whiskey Festival

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Whiskey in a gas station in Scotland
The selection of whiskey available in a gas station in Scotland is bigger than many liquor stores here in the USA.

I don’t care what most women think.  Whiskey is not just for the boys.

In all honesty, I didn’t drink whiskey before our first trip to Scotland.  I also had no idea at the time what I was missing.

Whiskey contains a world of flavors and nuances, both subtle and not so subtle.  It takes the essence of earth and sky and water from the place where it came and distills the essence of that place into a glass, much the same as a glass of wine.

Whiskey is a strong spirit, that is true, but Scottish Whiskey (we call it Scotch here, but in Scotland, it is just Whiskey) is strong like the strong spirit of the Scottish people who proudly claim it as their national drink.  It is also called it uisge beatha (Scottish Gaelic for “water of life”)

You will learn to enjoy the feeling of the warmth of the Whiskey spreading through your chest and the vapors as they tickle the back of your nose.  Each time you drink whiskey in Scotland , you take in a little of the land where it it came from.Celtic Cross Scotland

If you are thinking that a visit to Scotland is in your future, why not plan your visit to coincide with the twice yearly Speyside Whiskey Festival?

Even if you are not a whiskey drinker, the festival showcases the best that Scotland has to offer in the form of whiskey, but also culture, dancing, food and of course music (what visit to Scotland is complete without hearing the wail of the bagpipes?)

If you are a Whiskey connoisseur (or you would like to be one), the Spirit of Speyside festival offers a wide range of whiskey oriented events including tastings and distillery tours (some in distilleries that are not normally open any other time of year), classes, dinners and lots and lots of Whiskey.

One of the events from the Spring festival caught my eye…a dramble around the seven distilleries of Dufftown (combining a dram with your ramble).  A range of other events for the whole family, including pipe band processions, hikes, canoeing, train rides, craft exhibits and much more are offered.

If you want to read about the Speyside Whiskey Festival from a Scotland expert who has been there, check out the Traveling Savage Blog.  Keith is an expert in all tings Scotland, and I really enjoyed reading his stories from the festival on his blog and Facebook page.

Anybody else learn to love whiskey in Scotland ?


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  1. I am a whiskey drinking but have never been able to learn to like scotch. Guess I need to plan a trip 😉

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